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Marketing Strategy Creation

It is important for any businesses to start their marketing efforts with a well-designed, thoroughly researched marketing strategy. To insure that your marketing efforts are successful, I will work with you to create a marketing strategy that looks at your current business, your ultimate business goals, your competitors, industry trends, and identifying your target audience. Based on this information, recommendations will be made on how to implement potential marketing, advertising and sales programs to increase traffic, customers, volume, leads, and ultimately revenue.

Marketing Budgets and Forecasts

Establishing and following a well-thought out marketing budget is key, yet building, executing and monitoring marketing budgets and forecasts takes time that many business owners/decision makers simply don’t have. Even understanding what Marketing encompasses as opposed to advertising, public

relations, community relations and all the other pieces that fall under the “marketing Umbrella”, and how to allocate these dollars accordingly is a challenge. How much of your annual budget should go towards marketing expenses? Which marketing avenues make the most sense for your business? How can you determine if a marketing expense is providing the ROI that it should? I will work with you to review your past marketing efforts and what the results were, how to budget for future marketing efforts, and how to forecast based on historical data. Together we will review this budget on a monthly

basis and monitor how certain marketing resources are doing; which efforts you should ramp up on for better ROI, and which efforts are best to put aside in favor of other efforts.

Marketing Management

For many smaller businesses, having a well-designed marketing strategy is not enough. Small business owners/operators are too busy working on the all the other aspects of “The Business” to worry about finding qualified marketing resources, executing the strategies of a marketing plan, nor can afford to

bring on an in-house marketing person to manage these efforts. Schoenen marketing can be your virtual marketing manager, identifying qualified resources for the services needed to carry out your marketing plan. Not only can we help identify competent, experienced resources for your marketing efforts, we can help manage the day to day activities. Leave marketing management to me while you run a successful business.

Media and Advertising Placement

One of the most difficult challenges that many businesses face is how to integrate an advertising campaign. What mediums make the most sense? How can I increase reach and frequency? What should I be paying for a particular media? What makes the most sense in helping me reach my target audience? Having worked with every medium currently available and constantly looking at the “latest and greatest”, Schoenen Marketing can help cut through the clutter and make recommendations based on research versus emotion. We can guide you through the process or simply negotiate and place the media on your behalf.

Sales and Marketing Integration

Understanding how to integrate the efforts of sales and marketing to turn it into a well-run system that generates qualified leads that will ultimately turn into sales. Schoenen Marketing can help you understand your buyer your target audience, the sales cycle of your business, and how to better manage your sales funnel by better understanding the buyer’s journey, and what kind of information

and messaging a potential client needs in each step of the sales funnel.

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